NEW Intense Hydration Beard Treatment

NEW Intense Hydration Beard Treatment


No beard is beyond repair. Designed to restore resiliency by stimulating growth, thickening and locking in moisture, our Intense Hydration Beard Treatment gives you stronger, more lustrous whiskers without weighing them down. While it leaves facial hair supple and soft to the touch, the moisturizing beard treatment also distributes an earthy herbal aroma sophisticated gents love.

What’s good about it?

Coats facial hair from follicle to tip with healthy hydration

Boosts growth to help fill in bare or scarce beard patches

Banishes dryness, itchiness, flakiness, dandruff, roughness

Freshens beard hair & leaves behind a lingering herbal scent

Enhances shine, prevents tangles, locks in moisture, thickens

How & when to use

Once/Twice A Week

Simply apply this treatment to clean, moist (wet) beard beginning at the ends and work towards the roots.

Use a comb to distribute the cream and leave it in for 10 minutes to allow time for it to soak into your beard.

Rinse under warm water to make sure you wash out all the beard treatment off. When you're finished, dry your beard with a towel and follow with Masculine Craft "Lift" Styling Crème for best results.

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