Zinc Alloy Comb No. [005]

Featuring a built-in bottle opener and small enough to discreetly stow away in a pocket, this travel-friendly beard comb will have you and your whiskery scruff ready to impress. Our exclusive beard grooming tool doubles as a fancy bar accessory for beer drinkers! 

Zinc Alloy Comb NO. [005] Silver

Dimensions: 126mm x 35mm [4.96" x 1.38"]

Smooth tapered teeth, rounded tips, built-in bottle opener

Comb dimensions

Suited to
Untangle knots, reduce friction, minimize static, pop tops
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Pop a top, guzzle one down and detangle to smooth things over

Smoothly tapered, thick teeth and rounded tips designed to prevent friction and perfect for detangling facial hair, this comb is perfect for all of your everyday styling and on-the-go grooming with build-in bottle opener.