Zinc Alloy Comb No. [007]

Conveniently foldable and fitted with tapered metal teeth that dig deep to de-tangle and tame tattered scraggies, this portable beard comb deserves a spot in your pocket or briefcase. Whip it out anytime your whiskers stray to smooth the frizz away. 

Zinc Alloy Comb NO. [007]

Dimensions: 125mm x 28mm [4.92" x 1.10"]

Foldable smoothly tapered, thick teeth, rounded tips

Comb dimensions

Suited to
Groom, untangle knots, reduce friction, minimize static
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THE on-the-go comb bearded men have been hankering for!

Ultra-durable, handcrafted and specifically designed to groom men’s facial hair. Features smoothly tapered teeth, rounded tips that enhances elasticity to help minimize breakage and reduce friction while detangling.