Zinc Alloy Comb No. [006]

Considered the elite comb choice for dapper dudes, this beard grooming tool is the preferred choice among bearded connoisseurs. Handcrafted, weighted and given an ergonomic shape so that it sits well in hand, our gunmetal beard comb makes it easy to keep your scruffies under control.

Zinc Alloy Comb NO. [006] Gunmetal

Dimensions: 125mm x 34mm [4.92" x 1.33"]

Smoothly tapered, thick teeth, rounded tips

Comb dimensions

Suited to
Groom, untangle knots, reduce friction, minimize static
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Be Natural – Go For Gunmetal!

Smooth tapered teeth, rounded tips provides maximum comfort, enhances elasticity, helps minimize breakage, and reduces friction while detangling.